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  • Call For Abstracts

    Call For Abstracts

    SLE Call For Abstracts is a web-based solution enabling conference organisers to call for streams, abstracts, presentations, E-posters and other learning content pre-event.

    It also enables presenters to submit their content online...

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  • Conference Programme Manager

    Conference Programme Manager

    SLE Conference Programme Manager enables organisers to build and manage event programmes for conferences, seminars, workshops and other educational meetings.

    A web-based interface allowing real time updating for session schedules, session info, presenter bio, floor plans, urgent notification notices...

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  • Conference Branding and Content Design

    Conference Branding

    Allows the host organisation to brand their conferences and educational meetings by creating a unified design that is consistent across devices.

    Whether conveying messages through the web and mobile devices or onsite screens at session rooms and exhibition halls...

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  • Host Content Manager

    Conference Host Content Manager

    Maximises the communication efforts for host organisations both onsite and online.

    Whether communicating to delegates, committees, speakers or other stakeholders of an event – the solution enables meeting professionals maximised targeting capabilities in order to provide information such as host adverts, local promotions, travel assistance...

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  • Speaker Presentation Manager

    Speaker Presentation Manager

    Provides seamless session management for conferences, seminars, workshops and other educational events.

    Enables organisers to distribute a vast amount of speaker presentations to simultaneous session rooms or wherever else they might be needed including translation booths, media centres...

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  • E-Poster Manager - Interactive Posters

    E-Poster Manager - Interactive Posters

    Digital poster management solution for conferences, symposiums and other educational meetings. Designed to facilitate a learner-centred environment, it allows presenters to deliver interactive sessions via touchscreens onsite.

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  • Digital Signage

    Digital Signage

    A content management solution for self-running digital displays.

    Integrated with other SLE solutions for conferences and events, SLE Digital Signage allows organisers to deliver up-to-date information for participants onsite to enable them to make informed choices about which session to attend, when and where.

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  • Website Builder

    Website Builder

    SLE Website Builder is a content management solution for responsive web design and development.

    Integrated with other SLE modules for event management, it allows one point of access in order to manage, update and publish content to various devices.

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  • Proceedings and Content Repository Builder

    Proceedings and Content Repository Builder

    A software solution enabling host organisations and conference professionals to build proceedings and content repositories post-event. A value added service for delegates providing them online access to conference educational material post-event.

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