SLE-Proceedings & Content Repository Builder is an online solution for presenter content. It enables conference professionals to build proceedings and repositories of Abstracts, Speaker Presentations, E-posters and other session material for online publication post-event.

Content repositories are source of knowledge and a point of reference for delegates. In-built facilities enable event professionals to comply with copy right ownership.

Other benefits of the solution include:
  • Authorised access provides event professionals the ability to manage accessibility of content.
  • For attendees, knowledge repositories provide tangible benefits while extending the learning experience gained on-site.
  • Proceedings and repositories create enduring conferences and a base of knowledge - also for members or individuals that couldn't participate.
  • Sponsor material becomes re-experienced by attendees and users of the content.
  • Advanced search and filter facilities.
  • User-friendly structured layout makes easy for users to browse content with the help of menus.
Element Wizards:
  • Streamline Events includes five element wizards from where local content as well as social media content can be uploaded or embedded.
  • Local content can be uploaded in the following formats: PowerPoint, Images, Pdf, videos and Image Slideshow and Web pages can be created.
  • Embed social media content from the following sites: YouTube, Slideshare, ISSUU, Flickr and Google as well as any other online content that can run in a browser.
Content Repository
Self Running Wizard - Step3 - Add elements
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