Digital poster management solution for conferences, symposiums and other educational meetings.

Designed to facilitate learner-centred environment, it allows presenters to deliver interactive sessions via touchscreens onsite.

E-posters are becoming popular components of scientific conferences. Unlike traditional printed posters, they offer presenters the ability to provide detailed information of a topic in a much easier and cost effective manner.

Other benefits include:
  • Accessing posters through onsite touch screens enables attendees to study a topic of interest at their own pace.
  • Advanced search and filter facilities make posters easy to search, find and share.
  • SLE E-Poster Manager supports cross device distribution enabling presenters to maximise knowledge dissemination and impact through the web and social media sites, mobile devices and digital handouts.
  • Onsite submission allows submission of last minute E-posters. Supported file formats are: PNG, JPEG and GIF.
Poster Wizard:
  • Create unlimited poster groups.
  • Add unlimited posters to poster groups in the following formats: PNG, JPEG and GIF.
  • Attach abstract overview to poster group and attach abstracts to posters.
  • Attach speaker content to abstracts and posters.
  • Full integration with conference program.
  • Touch screen enabled navigation of abstract overview and posters.
E-Poster Display
E-Poster display for easy access and navigation for delegates.
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