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"We provide an innovative solution for the meeting industry to streamline and manage all digital content...!"

Use our product line Streamline Events, Streamline Presenter or Streamline Self Running to stream Event Management Data, Local Content or Social Media into extendable dynamic presentations.

Allow you event management team to efficiently manage all digital content and distribute them through all relevant channels: Session room presentations, Digital Signage, Kiosk PC Presentations, Digital Handouts and Online.

Streamline Data Ltd offer as well our solution as a full service where we manage all content for you, pre event, onsite as well as post event.


"Think outside the box..."

  • A complete speaker presentation management system for event organisers
  • Create professional presentation templates including full agendas and event branding
  • A sponsorship and advertising platform for events of all sizes
  • Cutting edge technology to create dynamic presentations, facilitating greater audience interaction
  • No longer rely on PowerPoint style linear presentations

"No longer suffer death by PowerPoint at your events..."

  • A Cutting edge presentation system to create dynamic, integrated presentations
  • A content library managing unlimited presentations and file types
  • Combine PowerPoint slides, movies, images, 3D elements and more into one dynamic presentation
  • No longer rely on PowerPoint style linear presentations
  • A multimedia box essential for professional speakers in any industry

"Enhance advertising, branding and sponsor opportunities..."

  • A versatile system for creating self running advertising platforms at events, exhibitions or in any public area such as hotel lobby or shopping centre concourse
  • A great Sponsorship and advertising platform for a wide variety of event, corporate and retail environments
  • Cutting edge technology to Combine PowerPoint slides, movies, images, 3D elements and more into one self running platform
  • Control the date, time and length that each element will be displayed for using self-running schedules

"Streamline your technical communication across all project stakeholders..."

  • A unique presentation management system to create dynamic, integrated presentations, vital to any technical based industry
  • Integrate all project data and technical information into one presentation for effective project communication to all key project stakeholders
  • Combine 3D models, virtual realities, CAD drawings and more to reduce review cycles, improve communication and cut project costs
  • No longer rely on the limitations of PowerPoint style linear presentations
  • Move to paperless production and save the environment

"Publish your rich multimedia content online..."

  • A Cutting edge content management system to create dynamic, integrated websites that goes hand in hand with your Streamline Presenter presentations
  • Easy to include rich multimedia elements, such as 3D, visualisations, movies, etc.
  • A file base system that is easy to install on your host server with no need for expensive database integration on your host server
  • We keep the quality high, but your cost low by implementing open source technologies with user friendly web 2.0 functionality and services

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